Why WordPress?

Yes, because WordPress is open source software.



Open source software = free of charge.

Free of charge = I don’t need to pay.

I don’t need to pay = less stress in my mind.

Less stress in my mind = easy to use.


So WordPress is very easy to use. I have used WordPress since 2008 for blogging and enjoyed. Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Why WordPress?

  1. Free and Open Source Softwares doesn’t always in term of free of CHARGE, instead, it always in term of FREEDOM. look at Red Hat. it’s a paid Linux OS (server mainly), but Red Hat is still offer freedom. keep that in mind 🙂

    • I know 🙂

      First, I am Indonesian. So in my mind, there is no freedom as in FSF definition. Usually Indonesian think free of charge, so do I. I won’t follow FSF phil.

      I wrote this article as is. As what my heart says 🙂 And who cares Red Hat? Users don’t care with license. They care about how my jobs done.

      And I am relax user as I have mentioned in this blog, I am technology-neutral. I can use open source today, free software tomorrow, freeware next day after tomorrow. Even I can use trial or shareware. I don’t care as long as they are legal.

      Thanks for coming. A little idea is as expensive as gold for me. I respect you and your comment 🙂 Hope this blog will be useful for you….

      Cheers 😀

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