GNOME 3 for Lazy User

I often lying on my bed while interact with Linux machine. Until someday I installed GNOME 3 on my machine. Some weeks I used, it seems I don’t understand yet. The last 3 days, inspiration comes to write GNOME 3 for Lazy Users. From where? From its on-screen keyboard. On-screen keyboard (OSK) is truly suit for me who rest down on bed frequently while opening applications. Let my left hand become motionless and use only mouse to type in OSK. Really suites lazy user 🙂

Yes honestly I am glad when my WIN key usable. Woho, very glad! I’ve been waiting for so long. Actually Unity and this GNOME satisfy me. Only WIN key my first impression when try them. Now GNOME 3 really answer my super-dream (you know what I mean). Before, it seems nobody attend this key for users. Ex-windows certainly need this key! This special, usable, efficient super key. If you are open source developer, what you can do to change millions win logo in every keyboard in the world? You can not escape from Windows environment, Dude. So this GNOME 3 behaviour fits me. I love it. Even if many users hate the win key system (to open menu in GNOME), I don’t care. I need it as an ex-windows. At least, my win key usable now in my Linux machine. It is big point from me for GNOME. You will support this idea if you are Windowsian too 🙂

Yes for years using Windows, OSK never be interesting. Really ugly and seems unusual for me. Even every Windows user I met before, never touch the OSK. I know OSK is very usable for avoiding keylogger. But hey, who has experience cheated by keylogger? I never experience it. So do my friends over there in Indonesia and globally all Windows users in Indonesia. In other words, OSK is unimportant. Second function is for helping user with body limitation. Nah, I can understand highly if the reason for them. Really OSK in Windows, never make me interested. But now in GNOME, I downloaded so many GNOME 3 themes only to try OSK! Imagine, crazy. I interested intensely when seeing GNOME Shell Themes preview in many sites such as Webupd8, Ubuntubuzz, Tahutek, and so on. Wow, crazy! GNOME never be unique like this. They are cool (the themes). I amazed with the OSK emphasized in every theme previews. Wow, I want to use it immediately. Now if you can see my Linux machine, you will see my GNOME 3 with various themes installed 🙂 And you will see me beside 🙂 Haha.

For ensuring you about how I interested in GNOME 3 themes, you can see this one theme presentation. I take it from deviantart. I am sure you will love it too 🙂

This user experience maybe better for me. I like it. I like to see OSK in my GNOME system. Developer idea for this OSK is good. I think good for Linux future. But if this for another user otherwise, I am sorry. I enjoyed this new comer, Dude. How about you? 🙂


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