Save Dialog Misses The Type Column

What do you think every save your works in Writer? Sort by type first so you can distinguish the doc among others? Yes me too. I usually click on the column bar to sort the files by type. But when saving from any application, I don’t find the columnn. Where is it? For information: I write this article based on GNOME. 

Wait a second. This is GNOME or Libreoffice mistake? Ah, it is really GNOME mistake. KDE has different saving dialog for Libreoffice. You can proof it in GIMP, Inkscape, any application can do saving. Maybe developers can make new patch for this. Or at least an extension for GNOME Shell. Or maybe just show steps and I’ll do it myself 🙂

Anybody can submit this idea to developer? Or if existed, when this addition can be enjoyed? Ah, forget it a while. For Linux future, this little thing is important too. User experience 🙂


2 thoughts on “Save Dialog Misses The Type Column

  1. “Type” functionality is actually hidden.Try the drop down “All Files” in the screenshot. When you change the selection option the contents of the window will change accordingly

    • Thanks for coming, Vazh 🙂 Glad to know you here.

      I know what you mean. I know the All Files drop down. But since I get this problem, I see it’s good if type column exist there.

      It’s not simple if we should do it every saving 🙂 Simpler if it exist.

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