Awesome GNOME 3 Theme Presentations!

Aaaargh, since September I collect GNOME 3 themes. Hey, the themes are usual, not too special. But it seems I can’t stop watching the presentation picture of each theme. The theme is usual, but the presentation is awesome! You can see pictures below. Wow, I will show you the keys of Lamborghini!

Aaargh, beautifuuuuul! Instead the presentation pictures (they call it preview) make me wonder, not the theme. I wonder the way theme creators arrange the sreenshot into elements of a picture. Pretty, beautiful. Look, simply beautiful. I love that. I am going to show you the cases.

My comment: look at deviantART theme. This type of presentation I name type 1. The creator makes some full screenshots of his desktop when using this theme. After that, he crops some parts. The parts are menu when opened, baloon when appeared, authentication dialog, and the OSK. He crops all in same dimensions. Then he arranges the small cropped pictures into a box of pictures. He keeps the space between them. He gives them drop shadow. And he emphasizes the presentation by putting single complete desktop screenshot at the top. Do you know? Actually the desktop is usual. It’s okay if nobody attends. But with this presentation (preview) picture, the desktop is interesting. So cool with the presentation. I think it’s art. Real art makes the unimportant thing become interesting and so beautiful.

My comment: look at Elementary theme. I call any theme presentation like this: type 2. Why? Because the creator takes single screenshot of theme and stacks another screenshots over that. Okay, see the presentation. It’s a simple screenshot of desktop. We can do it too. But the creator takes another screenshots such as menu, calendar, and user option. He crops those pictures into small pieces and put them over the first desktop screenshot. He gives them decoration with border, drop shadow, some lighting, and so on. He does arrangement and artistic coloring. He plays with font in the center. Those are something maybe we can’t do. It’s truly simple but effect on my eyes: wow beautiful! Look at the Elementary Luna Mod. Its wallpaper supports the presentation. Felt elegant 🙂

For future: I don’t know what the name of this art. It is a digital art, focused on the desktop environment, theming, shell, aaargh. Maybe theme arrangement or theme presentation or theme preview art is the suitable name. This art, I think, is very important later for Linux promotion. Yes something producted need to be promoted. Let us grumble what GNOME 3 is wrong but let us too to see these theme presentations. Maybe it could cure our broken heart of GNOME 3 🙂

Look, before, I never see picture art like this. Theme can be presented elegantly. This happened only when GNOME 3 comes. Something bad for some users is not sure yet brings only badness. This art I think the good side of GNOME 3 arrival. Good ideas, good picture, and excellent arrangement into a presentation. Simply beautiful.

And maybe many users from Windows interested by these theme presentations so they give Linux a try. I believe it can be because my friend (truly Windows user), seems amazed with hot corner of GNOME 3. He get new user experience 🙂 And another friend (Windowsian too) can say good for the presentation pictures I’ve showed. So, let this art lifes and grows.

Note: this article is my single reason to create this blog. I have so impressed with GNOME 3 themes.


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