First Libreoffice Impress Template Concepts

I ever try to create Impress template. But all my trials failed. My design is ugly. So I stop. Long time after that I find this template concepts. Good looking. Fresh memory again. I stopped a while when see this concepts. Wow, it is cool.

Why do I wanna create Impress template? Because I think Impress is poor of templates. It is open source but why there is only a little number of templates in the official sites? So I tried to create my own. Now I find this concept. If this concept realized, it will be good. User has choices. And Impress towards facing another presentation software.

Title: why do I take this title? Because this is the first concepts I find.

My comment: this concepts created by Inkscape. Wow, whereas I am Inkscape user. I use Inkscape to do some designs. Even I have an Inkscape blog. But I never think before I can create concepts like this. Aaargh, cool. Can you see, all af these slide concepts are simple? Even they designed with default font installed in Ubuntu. But I never think to create them. Now I have the SVG files of this concepts and I do 2 slide concepts stealing these concepts. Apparently easy.

For future: execution. Make this concepts real into templates. Actually if Libreoffice (Linux Office) has so many limitations, I think just multiply the resources so user has enough options. Maybe the app is bad, but if user has many options in good templates, they will use it. And fill the official site with them.


7 thoughts on “First Libreoffice Impress Template Concepts

  1. Hi! Thank you for the post. I’m also trying to design a template for Impress.

    Can you tell me how you added the pink block (in the first template) and the white line (in the second)? I can’t figure out how to add background objects.

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