MATE Desktop Environment and GNOME Controversy

Maybe I am late but I just find MATE 2 weeks ago. I think GNOME 2 buried forever but now I know GNOME 2 is still alive. You can say MATE = GNOME 2. MATE is a mod for GNOME 2 source code so it has persistant interface with GNOME 2. You user that misses GNOME 2, can give MATE a try. Oh yeah, MATE created by creative Linux Mint developers. They saved the GNOME 2 on new named MATE Desktop Environment. I can’t write too much now so I wanna continue this post later. Just an image and link I can give you now. Relax šŸ™‚

MATE is impressive for me. I know some factors make MATE impressive such as new arrangement of menu and GNOME 2 behavior legacy. Let me give comments for them.

Single Menu

When I start MATE on live disk, there is a menu on left bottom of screen. Yes same with Windows and KDE. The most impressive thing is the menu rebuilded. Open it. I can see all in one menu again like in Windows. And I get a search bar there. No menu like this in GNOME 2 before.

GNOME 2 Behavior

If somebody ask about MATE, I’ll answer MATE = GNOME 2. Yes MATE is GNOME 2 but some programs name has changed to others. You still find all our old application in MATE. You still find panel modification (such as adding applet, moving items, making toolbar, right click, so on). The most important is, you will find our old user experience in MATE. You harrashed with GNOME 3 or Unity, will get your freedom again with MATE.

to be continued…



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