Awesome GNOME 3 Presentations! (Part 2)

Actually I feel unsatisfied when finished previous post ‘Awesome GNOME 3 Presentations!‘. My reason is simple: I dont place all aesthetic GNOME 3 theme presentations yet. Yes I found many great concepts, but at previous post, I don’t upload them all yet. Now my turn. You will see them more.


I don’t see how beautiful is the theme but what I interested with intensely is the way creator makes this presentation picture. Glossy, futuristic, calm, and elegant. I like it so much. My friends (Windowsians) said it is good looking. I say it is cool! Oh, today, after I do search again, I find blue version of this presentation. Here:

Wow, awesome presentation. And just today, I know that creator of this theme and presentation is Malaysian 🙂 Ah, my neighbour country. Directly I comment to his Deviantart page.

to be continued…


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