Libreoffice Mockups

What is mockup? A mockup is concept design for user interface of application. Do you know mockup? If no, you can see pictures below. Before, if you interested in design (like me) you should like it. Creating mockup is funny. More funny if you can do the best mockup. Yes although you can’t do the programming to realize your concept. And here, I’ll talk about something become my intense interest for long time. It is my collection for best Libreoffice mockup concepts.

Default Libreoffice User Interface

I take it on my Linux machine. Maybe if you have artistic appetite, you will say the UI is less aesthetic. It is not sweet (although many users have experienced with). I feel this UI unpretty. Truly I jealoused with Microsoft Office 2007/2012 UI. They have good UI (although some users say the UI is slow). Yes they are paid applications, commercial. You should pay to get them so you get balance good UI too. But Libreoffice is open source. Why its UI defeated by Microsoft Office? It should has good UI too because it developed by whole world. Even better than Microsoft Office. Better UI promises better future for Libreoffice, then for Linux. So, take off from this thinking, I do search for mockups. I found them.Β 

First Libreoffice Mockup Concept

Creator: Paulop

Status: he is not Libreoffice developer

Note: until now, I fail again and again for creating mockup. Now I know mockup can be created by Inkscape and GIMP only. It seems easy but when I try, oh. Creating a 3D book design is easier[1], apparently. Creating mockup needs many patiences, Dude. I am still willing to create mockup, but for now, let me write the mockups I’ve collected only. Let me show the world there are aesthetic mockups over there πŸ™‚

to be continued…


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