UGET: Finally My Searching End For Proxy Configurable Download Manager in Linux

UGET is an open source download manager. I have tested Multiget, aria2, axel, all. Even the new Flareget. But they all, can’t be configured behind proxy (at least for now). Now I know Uget, the only one GUI download manager  similiar to IDM in Windows, that I can use it behind proxy. My proxy passworded, so I need such download manager. And I found it. Yes, all praises to Allah. See this screenshot:

See the speed? 200 KB/s. Byte in big B not in small b. It means kiloBytes/seconds! Wow. And it works behind proxy server. So, if you want download manager for Linux for replacing IDM in Windows, which it can use passworded proxy, please choose Uget. You can install it from repo. Use Synaptic.  maybe this is the true download manager to be equal with IDM in Linux. Downloader type of Linux users absolutely need Uget! Next screenshots following.

to be continued…


6 thoughts on “UGET: Finally My Searching End For Proxy Configurable Download Manager in Linux

  1. there’s alot of choice in Linux concerning Download Manager. Most of the time when Linux still on CLI, I use prozilla for long time. then I never use DM for several years I think :mrgreen: then I’m using it again when I use Mint Katya. 😆 … I think it is best to use DM now since my internet is fluctuating like the economy.
    o ya, On Windows I use Free Download Manager, which is free and opensource but there;s no Linux Version on it … Strange dont you think 😀 …

  2. Thanks! Stumbled on this blog when searching for uGet, now I see you have some other nice articles I may learn from. I’m Linux newbie so this was a nice occurence.

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