Trying To Design New Libreoffice Icons

I have posted a call of submission for Libreoffice icons here few days ago. It is unofficial surely. But now, among my daily business, I create some icons I want. I like the glossy ones, or the web 2.0-styled icons. Here my icons created with Inkscape. Below I describe my idea for these icons.

I tried hard to do it simply. Per icon, I decided give only 2 color. Usually I can’t do it because I think unsimple always. That is my fault. But here I wanna keep it simple, Son! I create these icons based on:

  • my contra of nowaday Libreoffice icons especially on sliced top-right corner on every icon
  • pure white icon on Libreoffice starter
  • less glossy icons
  • i hate them all.

I provide the SVG file for this here.

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