List of Inkscape Related Websites


I’ve found some serious websites dedicated to Inkscape. If you are learning Inkscape, bookmark them. It is simply the same with the list of Photoshop or CorelDRAW or Blender related websites respectively but for Inkscape. I list them here.

  1. official Inkscape forum.
  2. official Inkscape planet.
  3. showing all aspects of Inkscape officially from its developer.
  4. an Inkscape blog by Tavmjong Bah.
  5. a big gallery showing both high quality tutorials and art showcases.
  6. list of Inkscape add-ons.
  7. complete quick guide for Inkscape beginner in one single page.
  8. a tutorial website dedicated to Inkscape.
  9. a very complete beginner guide to Inkscape in one single page.
  10. tutorials dedicated to Inkscape.
  11. a tutorial website dedicated to Inkscape.
  12. video tutorial collections dedicated to Inkscape.
  13. tutorials dedicated to Inkscape.
  14. complete Inkscape manual including examples in Indonesia language by Sokhibi Imgos.
  15. extensive tutorials and videos in Indonesia language dedicated to Inkscape (including GIMP and Blender) by Irfan Prastyanto.
  16. dedicated Inkscape website for game development.
  17. dedicated tutorial website for Inkscape (and GIMP).
  18. the most complete and the best video website for Inkscape ever made.
  19. a Fedoran notes about Inkscape in Deutsch.
  20. extensive Inkscape tutorials or courses in Dutch.
  21. the most complete repository of Inkscape-created artworks. It is collaborative (you can upload artworks) and free.
  22. Inkscape community on DeviantArt.
  23. Inkscape community on DeviantArt.
  24. Inkscape community on DeviantArt.
  25. similar list to this but more extensive.

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