List of LibreOffice Related Websites


This post is a collection of links about LibreOffice. I collect both topic LibreOffice and Open Document Format. I admit that the proper diction is “links” not “websites” for the title. But for the sake of consistency with earlier posts, I keep the “websites” one. This post is my tetralogy, the fourth post after Inkscape, GIMP, and Scribus posts.

  1. downloadable official documentation for LibreOffice. The most comple in the world.
  2. official main help pages. Refers to all LibreOffice helps.
  3. list of all official supports available for LibreOffice.
  4. official LibreOffice question & answer site.
  5. project to collect FOSS people interests to contribute to LibreOffice development and to support ODF. One of the most important Free Software project.
  6. list of libraries created by the community including import/export libraries for odf, svg, cdr, visio, etc.
  7. unofficial LibreOffice forum.
  8. unofficial LibreOffice forum in Deutsch.
  9. LibreOffice forum in Dansk.
  10. LibreOffice community in Brazil.
  11. LibreOffice forum in Turkey.
  12. LIbreOffice forum in Czech.
  13. LibreOffice branding guidelines.
  14. official LibreOffice logos gallery.
  15. LibreOffice design artworks for 5.0 version.
  16. LibreOffice official marketing materials such as banner, flyer, brochures, templates, etc.
  17. a page for possible templates by the community that will be included in LibreOffice 4.4.
  18. how to contribute in LibreOffice and how to join the mailing lists.
  19. official planet from The Document Foundation members.
  20. official planet from Open Document Format organization members.
  21. official blog from The Document Foundation.
  22. official blog from Apache OpenOffice.
  23. LibreOffice 4.4 release notes, what’s new in that version.
  24. one of the most comprehensive unofficial sites about LibreOffice by an Australian professional editor and writer Jean Holis Weber.
  25. LibreOffice Documentation Team blog.
  26. personal blog of a LibreOffice hacker, Miklos.
  27. personal blog of a The Document Foundation founder and LibreOffice hacker, Thorsten.
  28. LibreOffice on Reddit.
  29. personal blog of The Document Foundation founder and a Deutsch LibreOffice hacker, Florian Effenberger.
  30. personal blog of the and LibreOffice hacker, Michael Meeks.
  31. Nabble for LibreOffice mailing lists. Nabble is a way to read mailing list in web forum form.
  32. LibreOffice community in Denmark.
  33. technical & programming blog of LibreOffice from LDCS India.
  34. mailing list archive for LibreOffice user support by
  35. list of all LibreOffice support mailing lists, excluding development mailing lists.
  36. not enough data, but he is at least LibreOffice enthusiast.
  37. personal blog of a and LibreOffice hacker, Lionel Dricot.
  38. a LibreOffice dedicated blog of Russian Dmitry Bowie.
  39. a dedicated blog for LibreOffice in Italian.
  40. a dedicated blog for LibreOffice in Indonesian.
  41. successor blog of Italian openofficelibreoffice.
  42. personal blog of a Red Hat employee and LibreOffice hacker, Caolan McNamara.
  43. community blog from Brazilian LibreOffice users and hackers.
  44. a LibreOffice contributors for Full Circle Magazine.
  45. a serious page at Hacker Public Radio providing complete links of LibreOffice tutorials to Ahuka.
  46. Kevin O’Brians blog, providing serious and comprehensive LibreOffice tutorials.
  47. providing hundreds of LibreOffice tutorials in videos.
  48. providing LibreOffice and video tutorials on Youtube.
  49. providing dozens of LibreOffice and video tutorials.
  50. providing some LibreOffice video tutorials in Portuguese.
  51. official channel from The Document Foundation for LibreOffice, contains many tutorials.
  52. providing about 7 videos about LibreOffice calc in Portuguese in Portuguese (Brazil).
  53. providing about 11 videos about LibreOffice Calc in Portuguese (Brazil).
  54. providing about 41 videos about LibreOffice Writer and 8 videos about LibreOffice Calc in Spanish.
  55. providing dozens videos about LibreOffice in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and some other languages.
  56. providing about 80+ high quality video tutorials about LibreOffice in Deutsch.
  57. providing high quality tutorials for LibreOffice, all series.
  58. popular site (similar to omgubuntu) providing many tutorials about LibreOffice.
  59. a professional software development company, contributes to LibreOffice.
  60. a mirror for Dirgita Devina’s ebooks. The most complete tutorials for LibreOffice (because of their compatibility) in Indonesian.
  61. a mirror for Rustan & Kamariah’s LibreOffice Writer ebook in Indonesian.
  62. a mirror for Yahya Nursidik’s LibreOffice Writer ebook in Indonesian.

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