New Bash Prompt on My Trisquel 8 “Flidas”


My new bash prompt on Trisquel. Thanks to The default prompt on default Flidas bash is too plain and not distinctive so I need to color it.

The PS1 code is here:

export PS1=”\[$(tput bold)\]\[\033[38;5;2m\]\u\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;1m\]@\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;10m\]\h\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;15m\]:[\w] \d \t> \\$\n\[$(tput sgr0)\]”
You can use this code for anything at anytime anywhere.

Deciding The New Direction of This Blog in 2017


I have some blogs, all speak about GNU/Linux. I am a writer in UbuntuBuzz and, they all speak about GNU/Linux. But I don’t have any English blog that speak about daily life using 100% free software & FSF-endorsed distros. This blog will stand for software freedom, as greatest effort as it can. And on the world-wild-web, there is no such specific blog as far as I know. So I decided to continue this blog to that clear direction: 100% free software. I don’t want to make this blog OMG! Ubuntu, so does UbuntuBuzz, I want this blog to be my notes collection, as the source materials for my later writing on other blogs. This blog will resemble my Restava, except it’s in English and it will be more “bleeding edge”, the dream box of a GNU user.