What I Do After Installing Trisquel 8 GNU/Linux


4 April 2017

For web browser:

  1. Install addons: uBlock Origin, Google search link fix, DownThemAll!, Disconnect, Zotero.
  2. Install new browser: Qupzilla.

Installing new software:

  1. Inkscape
  2. GIMP
  3. Emacs (I always wonder why 100% free GNU distros gNewSense, Parabola, and Trisquel don’t include Emacs by default)
  4. Synaptic
  5. Scribus (I want to continue Rootmagz)
  6. Recordmydesktop (console version is enough and even greater!)
  7. Shutter (I’m a UbuntuBuzz & Linuxku.com writer)
  8. apt-xapian-index (to show Synaptic search bar)

For desktop menu:

  1. Install Advanced MATE Menu (apt-get install mate-menu) so my Super key’s active and it resembles Mint GNU/Linux desktop.

For desktop appearance:

  1. I change the layout into Redmond. It resembles KDE.

For bandwidth management:

  1. Add Network Monitor (Mate Netspeed) to bottom panel.

For calendar:

  1. Install GNOME Calendar.
  2. Upgrade GNOME Calendar to 3.24, but due to error I downgrade it tonight to 3.18.
  3. Import my .ics from KOrganizer from another OS.

For desktop notes:

  1. I look for Tomboy on repo but it doesn’t exist.
  2. I install Noblenote tonight.

For upgrading:

  1. I added Ubuntu Zesty repo and upgraded GNOME Calendar to 3.24 from there. But again because of error, I downgrade it.

For package management:

  1. I install Synaptic Package Manager.


This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.


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