UGET: Finally My Searching End For Proxy Configurable Download Manager in Linux

UGET is an open source download manager. I have tested Multiget, aria2, axel, all. Even the new Flareget. But they all, can’t be configured behind proxy (at least for now). Now I know Uget, the only one GUI download manager  similiar to IDM in Windows, that I can use it behind proxy. My proxy passworded, so I need such download manager. And I found it. Yes, all praises to Allah. See this screenshot:

See the speed? 200 KB/s. Byte in big B not in small b. It means kiloBytes/seconds! Wow. And it works behind proxy server. So, if you want download manager for Linux for replacing IDM in Windows, which it can use passworded proxy, please choose Uget. You can install it from repo. Use Synaptic.  maybe this is the true download manager to be equal with IDM in Linux. Downloader type of Linux users absolutely need Uget! Next screenshots following.

to be continued…

Why WordPress?

Yes, because WordPress is open source software.



Open source software = free of charge.

Free of charge = I don’t need to pay.

I don’t need to pay = less stress in my mind.

Less stress in my mind = easy to use.


So WordPress is very easy to use. I have used WordPress since 2008 for blogging and enjoyed. Have fun!

My Dreambox

Hello, I am Ade Malsasa Akbar from Indonesia. I have big attention to Linux. Yes when I say Linux, I mean all about open source, free software, desktop environment, kernel, virtual machines, and all around Linux. Yes again, I love to write. Essay is my favorite writing. Writing essay is easy and easiest for me. It is free like Linux 🙂 From these two reason, I build this blog. I will write down all my attentions to Linux desktop. Especially about graphical environment in Linux such as desktop environment, applications, shortcut, and so on. I will free my mind from dirty hollow things so I can write anything anytime. Before I feel so limited to write the topic I love. Now, it is my chance. I will not let it go. I will write all my passion.

So why Dreambox? Yes I am Linux user. And dreambox is a term not to be associated with it. Dreambox is a term I found after planning an underground group discussing open source in my school. I will name the group Dreambox. It is not a community, only learning group. No formality, no seniority, no interference, only free speech about free applications. So, because the group don’t start yet, I use the name for this blog 🙂

What the content? Especially my ideas for Linux desktop in future. I imagine to write anything I find in internet for customizing Linux desktop, interesting screenshot, cool forum, cool theme, or mockup in some site. Maybe someday I can create my own mockup, I will send here. Essencially, anything amaze me in internet about Linux, I wanna write it here. Yap, it is my focus now. I like the way open source does. They let people to send ideas for improving software. Wow, cool I say. But I have done it for many times. I have sent my ideas. Seems no attention. But okay, I am not a baby. I will do my way. I love if people around the world come here and see my ideas. They can take them or leave them. I wanna improve Linux desktop in my way. So Dreambox blog content is ideas for Linux future.

Absolutely there are many man have pretty ideas for Linux future. Outside there. You will find them in Ubuntu Brainstorming, Launchpad, Bugtrack, KDE Brainstorming Forum, and so on. I know that. If maybe someday their ideas same with me, it is okay. No problem for me. I create this blog with fun and fun also to write. Make it fun so no stress in your mind. Relax, Dude 🙂

I write post in English so international open source heroes can read it. Hopefully they can read my bad English 🙂 Even my English bad, I don’t care. I have chance to improve in this blog. Hey, I can write down until this paragraph fluently! In English, not in my native language (Indonesian). Yes I admit writing in beloved specific topic is easier than writing in unloved topic. Even difficult language like English become easy for me 🙂 Haha, Linux is free. I like to use it. So my writing will be free too. Free from stress. Free from frustration. I will write freely! Enjoy!