Joining Trisquel-Users Mailing List


When I see trisquel-users’ archive is as lively as this:

I decided to join the list immediately at

What is Trisquel? Trisquel GNU/Linux is a community where software freedom is well-respected and its illegal there to encourage proprietary software. That’s why I like Trisquel.


List of awk Resources


In my journey to make an examples-based user-friendly awk the series (as a pair of sed the series). It’s because finding user-friendly practical examples of awk is difficult. (my favorite so far) (Part 1-6) (Part 1-3, Daniel Robbins) (Folkstalk was my only inspiration to write sed the series; Folkstalk successfully convinced me that trying sed is easy) (my first time was sedoneliners but this one is very similar) (Part 1-3; I just found tonight and it’s very good) (this article inspired catonmat’s one)

sed to Delete Only Parentheses and Their Contents


sed ‘s/([^)]*)//g’


*) this is the content of /var/log/apt/history.log on a Debian family OS



The above sed says “match any char but ‘)’ ” started with a ‘(‘ ended with a ‘)’. That is the purpose of ‘[^)]’ negation to ‘)’ character and a ‘*’ means “any number of any char”.


Big thanks to potong for his StackOverflow answer.


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List of Privacy-Respecting Internet Resource Links


If you respect your freedom, you use free software. If you respect your privacy, you learn from website like You will choose software and services that are respecting both your freedom and privacy. This article lists some important links that are similar to prism-break. I will update it later.


This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.