LaTeX Package bundledoc in Ubuntu 12.04


I need a technique to do collect output in my LaTeX document. So, my LaTeX document will be exactly same with any LibreOffice document in which a single file contains all resource files. In LaTeX terms, collect output is called bundle. The tools to do that is bundledoc. bundledoc main purpose is to collect all resource files (LaTeX calls them dependencies) and package them into a single tarball file. Exactly same with what I need. In Ubuntu, bundledoc tool contained inside texlive-extra-utils package. It is an official package and my Precise already has this package. But the problem is texlive-extra-utils in Precise didn’t contain bundledoc package. texlive-extra-utils in Vivid has. So how to resolve this problem?

Automatic Package Management System

  1. Diagnose first. Compare them. Precise hereVivid here.
  2. Found the problem. Precise has no bundledoc.
  3. Search for texlive-extra-utils for Vivid. Found it in Launchpad.
  4. Open the package download page for that package in Launchpad.
  5. Download that package.
  6. Install with –simulate argument. See the output.
  7. Apparently, texlive-extra-utils for Vivid is no way compatible with Precise. It breaks texlive-base package in Precise.
  8. I failed with automatic package management system. These steps are deprecated.


Manual Package Management System

Special for LaTeX, actually we can install any new package by downloading the package files from CTAN. It is a big example we knew for years happened in LaTeX (CTAN) and Perl (CPAN). Big example for manual package management system.

  1. Open CTAN.
  2. Search for bundledoc.
  3. Download the package.
  4. Unzip the package.
  5. Copy the binary package to binary executable search path. I copy bundledoc package to /usr/bin directory.
  6. Copy the manual package to manpage executable search path. I copy bundledoc.1 package to /usr/local/man/man1 directory.
  7. Finish.



bundledoc command in Precise


Finally, I’ve Found Offline Package Management System I Need


For many years, I was waiting for offline package management system in Linux. I got it at 2013 and I implemented it at end of 2014. That offline management system is alldeb. Alldeb is a new package management system created by Nifa Dwi Kurniawan from Indonesia Ubuntu Forum to install a software in Ubuntu in single offline installer way. Alldeb made it possible to install one software by just one file. All dependencies included inside a single .alldeb file. Just the same way as EXE (Windows), DMG (Mac OS X), and APK (Android). And I packaged many alldeb packages as my implementation at end of 2014 in Now by using alldeb and getting packages from BengkelUbuntu, you get your software in Ubuntu and you can save the installer and you can install that single package on another Ubuntu in completely offline way. So, for example, if you have a lab with 100 computers, you need only to download a single alldeb file for KDE to install KDE for all 100 computers. You don’t need to spend your lab bandwidth by downloading KDE in every single computer. Plus, the main function of alldeb system is to backup any of your chosen installed software completely with its dependencies into just single file. Every software you choose repackaged into single file. You choose what software you want to backup, not as bloated as APTOnCD does. So basically, alldeb does “magic” to repackage any single installed software with its dependencies into one single package with the extension .alldeb. Alldeb solution helps many users in Indonesia and it was my dream. Alldeb system has already included officially in some Indonesia Linux distributions such as GrombyangOS, AsrilOS, and Manux. I hope alldeb will come into Ubuntu official image soon or at least into another major Debian-based distro.

The alldeb_user interface installing wine.alldeb package

PS: this is the first post after 2 years in this blog.