Just simply writing on KDE Notes:

futuristic linux we want is:

  • simple 1 DEB installer for complete app including all dependencies
  • superextract from zipped files when extracting into root folder (no terminal)
  • including 1 download manager like IDM which can be used behind any proxy config and download damn fast
  • has beautiful UI plus ultraconfigurable feature by single special config app (to change all themes, resolution, de, wm, compositor, 3d cube, etc.)
  • has optional UX (like zorin) so user can changes from one UX to another in the same os
  • care with WIN key, to open menu like in unity, gnome3, and cinnamon
  • has unique apps dedicated only for it no for another os
  • has fast file manager and it should can sort by type -> group any files like windows explorer
  • has beautiful iconset (no tango, please) which is glossy like kde oxygen, or blackened flat like faenza