List of awk Resources


In my journey to make an examples-based user-friendly awk the series (as a pair of sed the series). It’s because finding user-friendly practical examples of awk is difficult. (my favorite so far) (Part 1-6) (Part 1-3, Daniel Robbins) (Folkstalk was my only inspiration to write sed the series; Folkstalk successfully convinced me that trying sed is easy) (my first time was sedoneliners but this one is very similar) (Part 1-3; I just found tonight and it’s very good) (this article inspired catonmat’s one)


awk Rearrange Horizontal Words to A Vertical List


4 April 2017

cat moka.txt | sed -n ‘/Install:/p’ | sed ‘s/([^)]*)//g’ | sed ‘s/:amd64[ ,]//g’ | awk ‘BEGIN{FS=” “}{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++)print $i}’
Warning, it’s still not perfect!

sed to Delete Only Parentheses and Their Contents


sed ‘s/([^)]*)//g’


*) this is the content of /var/log/apt/history.log on a Debian family OS



The above sed says “match any char but ‘)’ ” started with a ‘(‘ ended with a ‘)’. That is the purpose of ‘[^)]’ negation to ‘)’ character and a ‘*’ means “any number of any char”.


Big thanks to potong for his StackOverflow answer.


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Initial Announcement of The GNOME Project 1997


I copied here some first lines from that page:

  • From: Miguel de Icaza <miguel nuclecu unam mx>
  • To: gtk-list redhat com, kde fiwi02 wiwi uni-tuebingen de, guile cygnus com
  • Subject: The GNOME Desktop project.
  • Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 22:19:34 -0500

  		       The GNOME Desktop project
   	        (GNU Network Object Model Environment)


End of copying.