List of Scribus Related Websites


Yesterday I posted about serious links for Inkscape and then GIMP. Now it is the time for Scribus. I admit it, there are less dedicated websites for Scribus compared to Inkscape or GIMP. But these are dedicated websites providing Scribus tutorials. If you are learning Scribus, bookmark them.

  1. official wiki for Scribus. The most complete tutorials ever made.
  2. Scribus wiki tutorials index.
  3. the must read page for newbie.
  4. list of Scribus videos.
  5. list of works created with Scribus including magazines.
  6. official Scribus monthly newsletter in web format.
  7. complete Scribus manual from FLOSS Manuals.
  8. official Scribus forum. Including high quality tutorials and showcases.
  9. Scribus forum in Deutsch.
  10. official Scribus planet.
  11. collection of serious tutorials for Scribus.
  12. serious Scribus tutorials in video from Steve Czajka.
  13. Scribus tutorials in video from Kevin Pugh.
  14. serious Scribus tutorials in video by Dai.
  15. collection of assets for Scribus.
  16. serious Scribus online course.
  17. serious videos for Scribus.
  18. Scribus tutorial in Italian.
  19. the only dedicated website today for getting started in Free Software graphic design. Including Scribus tutorials. Maintained by Staffan Melin.
  20. Full Circle Magazine created with Scribus.
  21. PCLinuxOS Magazine created with Scribus.
  22. BlenderArt magazine once ever created with Scribus.
  23. the author of Jurus Scribus! ebook in Indonesian.
  24. the creator of [dot]BlendMagz (later OMAGZ), a Blender Magazine in Indonesian.