List of GIMP Related Websites


Yesterday I posted about serious Inkscape links. Now it’s the time to post a list of serious GIMP related websites. They are dedicated websites providing tutorials about GIMP.

  1. GIMP official tutorials.
  2. GIMP official documentations.
  3. GIMP plugins.
  4. GIMP user interface design.
  5. community tutorials for GIMP.
  6. community tutorials for GIMP.
  7. community tutorials for GIMP.
  8. SitePoint tutorials for GIMP.
  9. one of the most serious tutorials website for GIMP. Provides videos.
  10. serious tutorials and paid books for GIMP.
  11. official forum for GIMP.
  12. international community forum for GIMP. Very big. Contains tutorials and gallery.
  13. international community forum for GIMP. Very big too. Contains tutorials and gallery.
  14. international community forum for GIMP. Very big too. Contains tutorials and gallery.
  15. tidy tutorials collection for GIMP.
  16. tutorials for GIMP. Provides videos.
  17. dedicated tutorial website for GIMP.
  18. Alex Standiford’s dedicated website for GIMP.
  19. complete GIMP book from Wikimedia community.
  20. GIMP dedicated blog.
  21. online GIMP courses.
  22. complete book about GIMP.
  23. serious GIMP tutorials in Photoshop community website. Written in Deutsch.
  24. GIMP tutorials in Paint Shop Pro community website.
  25. some GIMP tutorials.
  26. dedicated blog for GIMP, with topic focused on text effect.
  27. complete book about GIMP by Kat.
  28. serious video tutorials for GIMP from Showmedo.
  29. dedicated GIMP website focused on photography.
  30. dedicated tutorial website for Free Software including GIMP.
  31. basic GIMP tutorials.
  32. GIMP photo retouching tutorials.
  33. tutorial for GIMP.
  34. basic GIMP tutorials in old-school style.
  35. GIMP tutorials by Hafidz Starlight86 from Malaysia.
  36. GIMP tutorials on DeviantArt. 150,842 Pageviews
  37. GIMP tutorials on DeviantArt. 142,366 Pageviews.
  38. GIMP tutorials and showcase on DeviantArt. 138,749 Pageviews.
  39. GIMP showcase on DeviantArt. 54,594 Pageviews.
  40. serious GIMP tutorials divided in beginner, intermediate, expert classes.
  41. serious GIMP tutorials.
  42. GIMP tutorial from professional graphic designer Abduzeedo.
  43. high quality and serious GIMP tutorials in Indonesia language.
  44. GIMP tutorials from IlmuGrafis in Indonesia languange.
  45. Kaskus GIMP Thread: GIMP dedicated thread in largest Indonesian forum Kaskus.
  46. GIMP & Inkscape dedicated blog in Indonesia language.
  47. dedicated GIMP tutorials in Indonesia language.
  48. growing GIMP tutorials in Indonesia language.

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